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Why every couple who plans to get pregnant within the next year should start taking FertaMax

*A product was provided, as well as compensation as a paid ambassador with TBI. All opinions are my own.

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When I was first introduced to FertaMax  I thought it was beyond interesting. A multivitamin to help a woman ‘s body get ready for conceiving and with FertaMax taking a holistic approach to women’s health.

Sure some women have no trouble at all when they decide with their partner to have a baby. These couples are lucky and I am happy for them. But like I mentioned before nearly 7 million couples struggle with conceiving. Some for only a few months, to a year others well end up needing to use other fertility treatments.

But I think that for any couples who plan to conceive within the next year should start taking FertMax. Not only does FertaMax come in a multivitamin for women but also for men.

I have talked about what is in the multivitamin for women but not yet about the men’s multivitamin. FertaMax for Men incorporates specific efforts to develop and sustain a healthy foundation for the intended father. The blend of vitamins, minerals and co-factors all have key roles to play in providing general health benefits and focuses specifically on men’s role in conception: it provides support for healthy sperm formation, enhanced sperm count and increased sperm motility. Furthermore, FertaMax for Men can play a vital role in hormonal balance by increasing testosterone levels, which in turn enhance the male body’s ability to produce more sperm.

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Together when couples taking FertaMax together they are increasing their chances to conceive.

And don’t forget FertaMax is a comprehensive, high quality, all natural multi-vitamin that is ideal for:
• Preparation for Fertility – helping Moms and Dads reach the peak of their fertility;
• Pre-natal – providing Moms with the peace of mind that during pregnancy, Moms are feeding their bodies and their babies an all-natural, healthy and optimum diet;
• Post-natal – helping Mom’s body recover from the stresses of pregnancy (and getting them ready to chase their new baby around!).

I have been taking FertaMax for the past month and a half and am taking it as a multivitamin for myself. I want to give myself the best I can. If you haven’t read the vitamins that in FertaMax it truly is a comprehensive vitamin that has everything to help you in which ever way you want FertaMax to help you.

You can purchase both FertaMax for men and women at

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ambassador35*A product was provided, as well as compensation as a paid ambassador with TBI. All opinions are my own.

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22 Responses to “Why every couple who plans to get pregnant within the next year should start taking FertaMax”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I never had issues getting pregnant, but so many women do & this sounds great 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great product and hope you get a BFP soon!

  3. Good luck, I never had a problem until my 2nd, it took longer than we expected. But, this is so needed for ladies who really have a hard time.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Good luck. I hope your family grows soon! I think a holistic approach to anything is best, if possible. There are too many side effects with drugs.

  5. susan says:

    I wish you luck, this seems like a great product that should help 🙂

  6. Meagan says:

    I’m planning on getting pregnant within the next year, I’ll have to look into these! Good luck with everything 🙂

  7. Katy Rawson says:

    How can you lose by preparing your body to grow a sweet baby? That’s thinking a head and seems like a wise idea. I have a couple of friends and family members who are planning on adding to their families. I am going to show them your post. Thanks.

  8. Holistic is always the best choice to make.

  9. Pam says:

    I have been hearing a lot about FertaMax lately! It looks great for people who are TTC.

  10. Great advice, it never hurts to stock up on the good stuff!

  11. Janel says:

    I know so many that struggle to conceive. I love that there are things like this that can help!

  12. That was something I really missed with my pregnancies. I never took the multivitamins before; and then when I was pregnant I was so sick I couldn’t keep them down while I was pregnant. But they are so important for pregnancies.

  13. Shauna says:

    Wow, I had no clue this was out there… My sister struggled a lot to get pregnant and this probably would have helped them. Thanks for the info.

  14. I so need to get some of these, I am still nursing my baby and they recommend taking prenatal vitamins, mine ran out.

  15. What a great, and much needed product! I wish you a BFP soon!!!!

  16. I always try to go the natural way and try to stay away from drugs.

  17. What an awesome idea! I love that they have this for men to get prepared. I had never heard of a vitamin like that before.

  18. I’m well pas this stage but it’s great to see products like this becoming available. Best of luck!

  19. Brett Martin says:

    Its great to know that this is available for those who need it. FertaMax seems to be a great product. I’ll be waiting to see baby-bump pics soon!

  20. Krista says:

    Thank you! I have been looking for something like this!

  21. Liz Mays says:

    I definitely think it’s wise to take a good vitamin even before getting pregnant. Thanks for pointing this one out!

  22. kristin says:

    sounds like this would be very helpful when we try to have another baby!

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