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Travel With Amara Baby Food Packets

It has been Mary’s family culture to have the little ones sit together with the family at the table during meal times, once they are able to sit properly in a baby high chair. Mary’s third child, Johnny who is about five months has been enjoying the meal times watching the family enjoy their meals. Mary had started giving little Johnny bits of soft food, like smashed potato or smashed steamed fish and he seems to be able to enjoy the food. She then started to prepare small amount of home cooked baby food for Johnny.

Mary enjoys preparing homemade baby food for her children. She has done the same for her two older children as well when they were small and now it is Johnny’s turn. Mary is very careful in choosing good quality natural food for her children. As far as possible she tries to buy pesticide free natural vegetables and fruits because she knows it is not possible to get fully organic food in her area. So far, Johnny has been enjoying all that she has been preparing for him.

Lately, the children and her husband has been talking about taking a week long holiday away from home. For the past two years, they have not gone for a holiday trip and the older children really are looking forward to have one. Mary actually would rather wait for another year but she couldn’t bring herself to spoil their excitement.

Mary’s friend came up with a good recommendation and she introduced Amara baby food packets for little Johnny. Preparation is very easy. Just pour the content from the packet into a bowl. Just add breast milk, milk formula or water, stir with a spoon into a smooth paste and it is ready to be consumed. Mary quite like the idea because she had checked out Amara website and her reliable friend has very good review for Amara baby food. Amara claimed that their baby food products are prepared with raw fruits and vegetables with a high percentage of their original natural nutrients preserved during high-tech preparation and unique packaging.

Mary has bought a variety pack of Amara organic baby food for Johnny to try. There are two variety packs. One is the “Introduction to solids” and the other is “Introduction to textures”. If Johnny enjoys the baby food, then her worry concerning Johnny’s meals will be solved and then they can start on their holiday preparation. She is thinking about how excited her children and husband will be!


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