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Transformers 2 & Dyson DC25 *Giveaway*

Hubby and I went and saw the Transformers movie in theatre when it came out in 2007, it was awesome! So when we heard about the new Transformers 2 movie which comes out to theatre on June 24th we were very excited!

But did you know that there will be one of our favorite products the Dyson DC25 will be a character on the movie! yep, a Decepticon robot! The Dyson DC25 will be featured as a robot in the new transformers movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The Dyson Decepticon will make a brief appearance during a scene when Sam drops a shard of the Cube in his house resulting in hilarity and chaos.

With powerful Root Cyclone technology and HEPA filtration, this vacuum removes dust, dirt and debris from your floors and carpets with ease. The Telescope Reach wand helps get to corners, ceilings and other hard-to-reach places for thorough cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Powerful 11-amp motor and motorized brushbar for thorough removal of dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens from carpets, bare floors, stairs and upholstery
  • Ball and Root Cyclone technologies with up to 220 airwatts of suction power; designed not to lose suction for improved cleaning performance
  • Bagless 39.7-ounce dirt container saves time and energy with no bags to buy or replace
  • Washable lifetime HEPA filter removes allergens from upholstered surfaces and surrounding air for a cleaner home environment
  • 12″ cleaning path lets you cover a wide range of flooring with every pass
  • 24.6″ cord lets you clean a large area before changing outlets
  • Ultralightweight, compact design for easy maneuverability and transport
  • Includes quick-draw Telescope Reach wand for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, including corners, ceilings and more
  • Dyson proves no loss of suction using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard.


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  1. Everything about the Dyson DC25 is spectacular! Every square inch of this vacuum is to be admired with it's built in technology, features and functions. I love that it's an all floor vacuum and has BallT technology so that it steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist. More of the features I love are the: Quick-draw Telescope ReachT wand, and the Lifetime washable HEPA filter. This is a must have, everything to dream about vacuum of all vacuums. I love that Dyson has such a wide range of spectacular products and how easy it is to get the parts and accessories you need. The Dyson DC25 would help my family with it's versatility and power. The fact that it's an all floor vacuum, has amazing power to get up even pet hair and a HEPA filter to help cut down on allergens makes this a vacuum my family could really use.


  2. I'm expecting, so I love the feature that it actually reduces allergens in the air!

    brneyedblondegrl at aol dot com

  3. My family has serious allergies (I know, these days, whose doesn't?) and some of us have asthma, so Dyson's certification that they "meet or exceed standards for effectively removing allergen-containing dust from carpets and are the first to be certified asthma & allergy friendly" would help make our breathing a lot easier. asthenight at gmail dot com

  4. I love that the D25 comes with a lifetime washable Hepa Filter. This would save a small fortune over the life of the vacuum as they are so expensive to replace. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  5. There are a ton of great things to love about the Dyson vacs! I think for this particular one I love that it is for all floors – we have several different types of flooring around the house and it would be nice to have a machine that can tackle all of them!

  6. i love the asthma & allergy friendly feature. I have a bunch of animals that shed and I have really bad allergies

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  7. I like that it No loss of suction power and reduces allergens in the air. We recently adopted two cats and I have discovered that the vacuum I have now it totally useless against cat hair on the rug and on the furniture. A new vacuum would be a godsend

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  8. I am an email subscriber

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  9. Dyson upright vacuums meet or exceed standards for effectively removing allergen-containing dust from carpets and are the first to be certified asthma & allergy friendly which is fantastic. I hate my current Vacuum because it just throws the dust around and makes my asthma and allergies worse. Of course it is over 30 years old so the quality is very poor due to the year of the machine. When I'm on my breathing machine I can't vacuum at all because my asthma is so bad. This might sound bad but I usually end up having my better half vacuum and dust while I'm gone for a few hours because it causes me asthma attacks thankfully he understands but I still feel guilty and wish I could vacuum my own floors with out causes an asthma attack. The Dyson DC25 would be wonderful to own. Thank You Amanda for sharing this review and giveaway with your readers and Thank Dyson for us as well.

  10. I have your main button on my sidebar. I have had it so long that it was so far down my sidebar I decided to move it up for easier access. I wish I knew how to scroll them. Thanks Again.

  11. I like that it works well on all floor types. I have mostly hardwood with just a few rugs around the house.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  12. I like the DC17 because it outcleans other vacuums and we bring so much dirt into the house. My family could use a vacuum that can pick up all the dirt on the first pass.

  13. I Love that the brush bar independently of the cleaner head. That will end my carpet being burned by my other vacuum.

  14. I love that it is certifies asthma and allergy friendly.
    I used to live in a loft with wall-to-wall hardwood floors. Now I have carpet in my new home and in desperate need of a Dyson to get the job done right!

  15. I love the Airmuscleβ„’ technology. My allergies are off the charts. I stopped take my allergy medicine when I started breast feeding because I didn't want to dry up my supply. I'm a little stuffy. This product could help me.

  16. I love the swivel motion so it can get to more places much easier. This vacuum would be the perfect solutuon for our family.

  17. I love that it moves on a ball. This would make maneuvering corners and around furniture so much easier. Thanks for the chance.

    sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

  18. I love the high-torque clutch that enables more power to the brush bar…from what it sounds like, it gets even the minutest amount of dust in your carpet fibers!!! I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!

    My family could definitely use this monster of a vacuum. We have a dumpster find from about a year ago and although it's helped us out of a rut when we couldn't afford a new one, it's had better days and it's time has just about run out. I need something that will definitely clean what I can not.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway op. I hope that after 400 or so comments I may still be lucky enough to be randomly drawn πŸ™‚

    -barbarabaker πŸ™‚
    74 barb at gmail dot com

  19. I'm already a subscriber via email updates and love them all. You have such interesting and well written posts, awesome giveaways and fun stories to read…thank you!!!
    -barbarabaker πŸ™‚

  20. Boy, everybody really wants to win this. I don't blame them. I would love any hand held vac for quick pick ups. The site is temp. down at this I couldn't get the exact name.

    thebun at personainternet dot com

  21. The most fascinating fact about the Dyson to me is that the air expelled from a Dyson vacuum has up to 150 less mold and bacteria than the air you breathe. This is incredible.
    This vaccum could help my family because my son suffers from allergies and Dyson is certified to be asthma and allergy friendly.
    Count me in please!!
    jenbutterfly12 at yahoo dot com

  22. I like that the Air Muscle feature allows you to clean on any surface, great for our house with carpet and vinyl and my son with asthma.

  23. I love that the Dyson DC-25 pivots on a ball so it makes it much easier to maneuver. It's only 16 pounds so that's great! And the Dyson doesn't lose suction when you adjust it to different flooring and different carpet heights.

    This would help my family tremendously. We have two active young children, a messy teenager, two dogs, and a cat. And they ALL shed. πŸ™‚ Whether it be hair or fur!

  24. I like that the Dyson DC25 is Certified asthma and allergy friendly. I like anything that can help ease my kid's asthma symptoms.

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  25. I love that the filter is washable! With my golden retriever and 2 kids I need to change the filter EVERY day! πŸ™‚

  26. I love that it is bagless. This could help my family with preventing breathing problems.

  27. I want a vacuum that will suck up the dust and debris and not spit it back out into the air, and this Dyson seems to do that. I would love to have one.

  28. What's not to like about Dyson products? They are well made, light, and reduce allergens in the air!

    Winning this would help me keep the house cleaner. With four pets and two small children I really need it!

  29. Oh with a cat, 3 kids and a light colored carpet a Dyson would be the perfect addition to our family! The DC24 is pretty cute and compact too!

  30. Dyson products are wonderful! My new banked owned home carpets are terrible and the allergen and great cleaning ablilities would help so much!

  31. I love the Dyson ball, it is such an ingenious idea! Dyson is great for my family because my husband has bad allergies and between the HEPA filter and the root cyclone feature, no allergens are escaping that bad boy!

  32. I love the fact that it doesn't lose suction. That is one of the biggest problems I've had with vacuum's I've owned over the years. I also like it's ability to help allergy and asthma sufferers as my 2yr old granddaughter has asthma. Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  33. NO BELT!!! What's not to love about that? Why own any other vacuum when there's the Dyson that has a ball to swivel and turn and no belt?

  34. OMG I love how you don't have to buy any refills- there are no bags and the hepa filter is lifetime washable. I can't even tell you how many times I couldn't vacuum my very dirty carpets since the vacuum bag exploded and I never got around to buying more.

  35. I like that it has a lifetime washable HEPA filter. It would definitely be a big help in keeping the air in our home clean.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  36. I love that it picks up more dirt. This would really help my youngest daughter with her allergies. Thanks for the chance!

  37. I love how well it works on all floor types – no more sweeping! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. I learned that the vaccum has the root cyclone engine. Tthis makes it immpossible for as much dirt to escape.

  39. 1st of all, I have a vacuum that is broken…and it keeps breaking…so I have a loaner from my parents. It would help my family because I really NEED my own vacuum cleaner, and everyone I know has a Dyson, and they all say that it is the BEST vacuum they have ever owned, so I think it would be a perfect vacuum for my house and for my family. I love the Ball technology-I have just never thought of a vacuum going any other way than front to back-so cool. And the never losing suction, of course, is supposed to be the best. And, well, everything about it is awesome…I also love that it is designed by engineers, thanks!

  40. Love that it's Allergy and Asthma friendly. My son and I are afflicted with miserable allergies, and a vacuum like that could potentially help us a lot.

  41. I love that dysons are designed to pick up more dirt, which is very helpful when you have outdoor cats and kids who like to track in dirt

  42. I love that the dyson has great continuous suction. My vacuum is only a few years old and I have to do so much to keep it unclogged.

  43. i think its awesome that its certified for allergies… we need this as we have lots of allergies and dogs

  44. I love the long hose and the hepa filtration, clean air system. We all have terrible allergies so this vacuum would be awesome to have. TY!

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