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Today marks 50 days….

50 days since I found out we were having a miscarriage. 50 days….. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. It seems like it just happened yesterday.  While some days I still feel angry and bitter inside, most days I feel hopeful and optimistic!

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You can read more about how I am feeling and my thoughts on my Operation Baby Bump Blog. Which I plan to use as my personal journey through TTC again, weight loss to grow a baby bump and then turn it into my pregnancy journal! I feel this will keep me accountable for my goals!

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  1. Time does go by so fast…but so many events and memories seem to make the time stand still too. I know they say time heals all wounds, time doens’t cancel those memories…even the painful ones. I think the holidays just seemed to make things seem to move faster. I went over and read the rest of the story on the baby bump site. I hope the most wonderful miracles take place for you this year! You have so many prayers and thoughts and positive energy coming your way!

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