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So this week Samantha learned what the “middle finger” is. UGH! Good old Hubby. So every once in a while Hubby will change the background on the computer, a few days ago he changed it to a picture of him and two friends giving the “finger”, Well Samantha (4.5) must have studied that picture because she walked up to Hubby and says “Daddy look” and then gives him the finger, he freaks and tells her not to do that, it is very bad, yada yada. He then asks her where she learned it and she said “here”, and then pointed to the computer screen. Hubby changed the picture as soon as she pointed to it, and saying that it was bad and he should not have put that finger up. I walked into the bedroom, unaware of what had happened, and Sam goes “Mommy, this is what Daddy, John and Jesus does” and put her finger up, my mouth dropped and said “what?” looking to Hubby for answers and he said, yeah that picture I had on the computer, she copied it. I was in shock. I didn’t realize that she looked that much at pictures. Of course she ended up showing everyone we know all week long. UGH!!!!


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  1. I hear my tone in my daughter often! It causes me to try harder to watch my irritation voice! I hate when they pick up bad habits from us! We all do it though!!

  2. Just getting back to you about your question at Multi-tasking moms about the chore chart – sorry it took me so long. I did make the chart myself, in MS Publisher – a very fun program that I spend way too much time playing in!

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