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Tiny Talk Tuesdays

Tiny Talk Tuesdays

ok this week I have to share what one of the little girls in my other in laws class said to me. My mother in law is a kindergaretne teacher and she was ahving me test the kids to see waht they know, like their ABC,s their numbers, shapes, colors, if they know their phone number, address, birthday, that kind of stuff. Well, one of the little girls, I said “ok, were going to see what you know, ok?” and she replies “oh I know everything!” and she puts her hand out and starts to count on her fingers saying “I can cook dinner, and I take care of my whole family” I started laughing. It was so funny, and just the cutest thing. When I pointed to the letter “Q” she starts tapping at her head and sains “I’m thinking” 5 year olds crack me up!

well the baby, who is 21 months old started saying “bless you” although it sounds like “tank to/thank you”

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