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Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday – Holiday Edition

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Sarah’s newest thing to say is “teese no to?” which means “please more too?”

Here is a little video of Samantha telling us what she wants for Christmas. She wanted to keep talking but the camera cut out on her. Cracks me up because she tells everyone she wants a leapfrog, when she really wants a “leapfrog LEAPSTER”

1. Why do we celebrate Christmas?
S: baby Jesus

2. What is your favorite food/treat to eat at Christmas time?
S: chicken nuggets and french fries

3. What would you like for Christmas?
S: leapfrog its pink

5. What is your favorite Christmas decoration in our house?
S: the lights

6. What is the best part about Christmas?
S: Santa Claus comes to town and brings us presents

7. Why do we give presents?
S: I like to give to people

8. Why do we have a tree to decorate?
S: because Santa needs to find where to put the presents

9. What songs do you like to sing at Christmas time? (sing some for me)
S: Rudolph the red nose reindeer and silent night

14. What should daddy buy mommy?
S: candy

15. What should mommy buy daddy?
S: a guitar

16. What does mommy want for Christmas?
S: candy, uggs

16. What does daddy want for Christmas?
S: a guitar

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