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Thursday Thirteen 20

Thirteen Random Facts About Me

  1. I have to clean the kitchen first thing in the morning
  2. I have to vacumn every day
  3. if my towel smells at all or is too wet I will wash it and get a new one even if I washed it the day before
  4. I bite my nails
  5. I think breastfed baby poop smells like cheerios
  6. I can not fall asleep before 10 pm
  7. I am spoiled, I throw a fit if I don’t get what I want
  8. When I was pregnant with Sarah I thought that I could never love a baby as much as I love my Sam. boy I was wrong
  9. I really want to have a little boy
  10. I can’t drink tap water unless it is in Lake Arrowhead
  11. I sleep on the right side of the bed
  12. I have to sleep on my stomach (yeah sucks when I am pregnant LOL)
  13. I am a very forgiving person.


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