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Thursday Thirteen #107


Thirteen Things we have done this summer

1…. 4th of July we went to Lake Arrowhead and went boating

2…. We went with the neighbor and went to Lake Gregory

3…. went swimming A LOT!!

4…. Samantha had swim lessons

5…. Samantha started Ballet

6…. stayed at Grandma’s while they went to Hawaii

7…. played in the cupboards LOL

8…. Went to DisneyLand

9…. Sarah enjoyed DisneyLand too

10…. Went to San Diego

11…. Went to LegoLand

12…. Got soaked at LegoLand

13… Made funny faces at the camera

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  1. Luka says:

    Great List, and photos! 🙂 Happy TT’ing!

  2. Amelia says:

    Great post, I really love this idea!

    You have a lovely family!


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