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The Story of Us!

How did you meet:
I met Patrick my junior year of high school. Well technically I met him my freshman year when my friend Megan had a crush on him and she dragged me to him one day just so she could say hi. I then saw him again at my friend Carran’s 16th birthday party. I thought he was cute but I had just broken up with my ex so I wasn’t really looking to date anyone, nor finding guys very interesting since I was still hung up on my high school crush. About five months after Carran’s party, after school started, Megan convinced me to do The Singing Christmas Tree with her. It was our Church Choir’s Christmas Pageant. I agreed and to my surprise Patrick also was in the Choir. A few weeks after the Tree practices started I was waiting around for Megan to get out of Cheer leading practice, and Patrick showed up. We started talking and then Meg walked over and said “oh Pat is taking us home” I was like “Cool!” Megan and I used to fight over who got to sit in the front seat of his car. I also remember when when we went out to pizza and I threw ice cubes at him and accidentally spit my sprite out onto my pizza. After that Pat and I started hanging out more and more. We both had boyfriend/girlfriends. I wasn’t really interested in getting serious, I was still pretty hurt over breaking up with my ex earlier that spring. But by December of that year I realized I was starting to have feeling for Pat. In fact I broke up with my boyfriend at the time just so I could be with him. I told him that I was falling for him and he told me he had feelings for me too. I never thought he would ever like me.. and here we are 8 years later LOL.

Who eats more:
he does… A LOT MORE

Who said I love you first:
I did, that night we became a couple I told him “Patrick I am starting to fall in love with you”

Who is taller:
He’s taller by a few inches, I’m 5’4.5″.

Who sings better:
he does, if you have heard him sing you’d fall in love with him, I’m just kidding. But he does have a beautiful voice.

Who is Smarter:
We are both very smart. Patrick just knows more about world issues.

Who does the Laundry:
I do

Who does the dishes:
the dishwasher does

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:
Depends on how you look at it. From the point of view of laying in the bed it’s him.

Who pays the bills:
I normally do, although sometimes we do it together.

Who mows the Lawn:
we don’t have a lawn

Who cooks dinner:
I mostly do. I try and make him dinner every night. Sometimes on his days off he will cook. I just feel bad because he cooks ALL day, so why would he want to come home and cook? (he is a sushi chef)

Who drives when you are together:
He does. Now he has no excuses for me not driving since I drive everywhere every other day LOL

Who is more stubborn:
him. I give in easily.

Who kissed who first:
HAHA that’s funny! It happened the same night I told him how I felt. We were sitting on my aunt’s couch at 3 am looking at photo albums, (my aunt stayed up with us until about 2 am) and I laid my head on his chest purposely looking up at him, yes he got the hint LOL

Who proposed:
He did. on September 21st, 01. It was my 18th birthday and we were planning on going to Disneyland for the weekend. On the way to my house to pick up my stuff he stopped in front of our “sign” It’s a double arrow sign at the end of the street I grew up on. It is the same place he stopped at when I told him how I felt about him and where I said ” I am starting to fall in love with you”. He got out of the car and motioned for me to follow. He gave me a hug and turned to me, he said “this is where you gave me your heart, and this is where I give you mine” He then got down on one knee and said “Will you marry me?” I started to cry, and said yes. The picture to the left is the one my Aunt took about an hour later. She told Patrick to bring me by her work so she could see me, (she also wanted to give us some money for Disneyland LOL) I am thankful she got this picture.

Who is more sensitive:
oh me by FAR!!!

Who has more siblings:
I do. I have two sisters and two brothers, plus a half brother and sister. He has one brother and a half brother.

Who wears the pants:
I’d like to say I do. but I think we both do.. I think LOL



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