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The Perfect Stick for Your Lacrosse Player

Picking out the right lacrosse shafts and sticks can seem overwhelming when you are fist starting out. There are a variety of sizes for some positions while others have the same size no matter the position. Women and men will have different lacrosse sticks when they play their respective games. It is important you find the right fit for you so you can play your best in each game. Start out by finding what the NCAA standards are for your lacrosse team. This is important as you could end up getting a penalty if you are not using the required proper equipment.

For the Men

For mens teams you will find that the length of stick depends on the position you are playing. These change with what position you are in so it might be a good idea to have more than one in your equipment locker. By having more than one option of stick you can have more than one position to play and be a real asset to the team.

For the Women

For those on a womens team you will see the stick length is the same for each position played. The length is different, however, for different players. Most players will have their own sticks and equipment as this is easier.

Get Your Own Equipment

Whether you play on a team in high school or college you want your own stick. The main key is that it is not easy to use others equipment as it is not fitted to you. It is best that you have your own equipment fitted to you. The best equipment for you is the one that is most comfortable. These vary in lengths and you want the one you use to fit you personally. Using others equipment to play will not get you the best results as it could be too short or too long for you and your reach.

Types of Sticks

The sticks also come in two styles called defense and attack. These are important as the goal is not just getting your ball across the line. You must also stop others from getting it across your goal. Take a look at both styles and you may want to consider getting both so you are ready no matter what position you are in. When purchasing your equipment you also want to make sure that you follow all NCAA regulations on what it should have and what is proper for your game.

These are just a few things to look for when buying your equipment for your lacrosse player. You can check into your sports stores around town to find out where the best supplier is.

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