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The Moodsters Feeling Flashlight (1)

There’s something about those moments just before naptime and bedtime that can be so special with a preschooler. They offer a sweet opportunity to hear what’s on your child’s mind: their imaginings, their concerns, their silly jokes. This is also a great time to talk with your child about emotions: While they’re feeling comfy and safe, you can ask them gentle questions about feelings, and hear in their own words what they’re feeling inside. And in a darkened room, The Moodsters can shine a light on feelings in a whole new way!

With The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight, your child can turn the dial to the Moodster who represents the emotion they’re feeling at that very moment, push the Power Up button, and project an image of that character on the wall or ceiling. Hear the Moodsters talk about feelings and impart simple strategies to manage their emotions. Or read the accompanying storybook together, The Scary Sleepover, where The Moodsters help Zach face his fears and save the sleepover! The Feelings Flashlight is a fun new tool to help illuminate little ones’ feelings and build those all-important emotional intelligence skills!

Feelings Flashlight™ and Storybook: Shining a light on feelings has never been easier or more fun than with The Moodsters! Before naptime or bedtime, point the flashlight toward the ceiling or a wall, and The Moodsters will magically appear, offering wisdom and humor for every emotion. Includes full-color, 32-page storybook, The Scary Sleepover. Ages 3+

The Moodsters Feeling Flashlight (2)



ONE winner will receive a Feelings Flashlight and Storybook!


To be eligible to win the Feelings Flashlight and Storybook, share my Facebook or other social media posts with a comment about how you think The Moodsters can help your child learn about feelings. Be sure to tag me, and you’ll then be entered in the contest—good luck!

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The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight *Giveaway ends Oct. 30th*

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  1. Moodsters represents my child’s feelings whether she feel happy, sad, scared or angry and it made her aware of what she feels from the inside and her facial expressions on the outside. It offers wisdom, humor and fun to my little daughter! Thank you #MommyMandyGiveaway #Giveaway #spon

  2. The Moodsters book helps my child relate to her feelings by relating to her in a story that she can understand at a child’s level

  3. The Moodsters would help my niece build emotional intelligence skills,and it will teach her a vocabulary to express her feelings freely

  4. this would give them strategies to help discover and deal with their emotions #MommyMandyGiveaway

  5. This electronic flashlight that features the Moodsters character images with voice affirmations and fun play activities could help my granddaughter explore her feelings and help her to process and understand her emotions.

  6. Were just in the middle of really learning how to deal with our feelings in a postive way. Learning to use words and talk about how we feel, this would be a great learning tool #MommyMandyGiveaway

  7. i have a hard time expressing my feelings so i love this to teach our kids how to talk about their feelings while they are young.

  8. I think this would help her not only realize what she is feeling but she would be able to understand how others feel!

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