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The Modern Way Of Learning

Children of today learn differently from when we were children in our days. When we were children we learn from teachers in the classrooms and from hard copy books. In our time, we depended on people and we are taught to interact with people face to face.

Most of the children of today are so different because they tend to relate less with humans and more on the electronic gadget. I have a friend, whose grandchild was placed under the care of a maid. Both the parents go to work and the grandparents help to send and pick up the older grandchildren to and from their schools. And when the grandparents are around, they help to keep an eye on the youngest grandchild while the maid goes about doing the housework.

When the child is awake and to keep occupied, he will be given an iPad even before he is able to walk. The iPad has his full attention and he is an easy child to look after. From a very young age, he has been accustomed to watching all the children’s educational videos from the apple studying app downloaded from the App Store by his mother. He will keep watching the videos until he is bored and he will in his own way communicate with the maid or any of the adults to change to the next videos.

The grandchild is now in his teens and he has gained most of his educational knowledge from Google Play educational app. His interest is mainly centred on computers and any parts or gadgets that work with the computer. He is more educated in this field than most of those older than him. He can have intelligent conversation with those who are specialized in the field.

One of the best tutoring app available is designed for both iPhone and iPad. You can use the free The Great Courses Plus app to enjoy more than 8,000 educational videos for streaming online to your iPhone. You will be able to learn all kinds of subjects and new subjects are being added each month. You can either take up a college-level courses over a weekend, or you can also take a day or a course a week. There is no restriction because you can choose when and how you learn.

With this app students can learn about new things, or to brush up on your skills in a specific field. You will have access to streaming video courses by well-known professors sharing their knowledge of science, business, writing and many other subjects.

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