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  1. That’s what we’re doing this weekend too! Although spending two days making salt dough ornaments pretty well satisfied any desire to cut out cookies. I think we will stick with cookies you don’t have to cut out. Except for gingerbread men. Have fun!

  2. Oh my, what fun. Your girls are going to look back and share as their favorite memories the weekends they would spend making a BUNCH of cookies for the holidays with mommy. My question-are you willing to ship to KS 🙂

  3. O boy… I haven’t even started! At least now my girls are to the point where they can help. Have fun! I love the smells of holiday baking, especially the chocolate wafting through the house. MMMmmmm!

  4. We did that this weekend too. I still have quite a few things to make, and I’m sure I will have to re-make the chocolate star cookies…it seems they keep disappearing. With the blizzard outside, we just kept cooking, until the power went out. Then it was eating time 🙂

  5. That’s great that you bake so much to share! I’m always afraid that if I bake… I’ll eat… that’s NOT good!

  6. I need to get on that myself! That’s a good idea for the post office – forgot to put that on my list, but this would be nice.

  7. What fun, I remember baking with my mom. I hope to spread that tradition to my girls. Might seem like a hassle while you are doing it, but your girls will cherish these times forever.

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