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The evolution of coffee grinding

Getting your regular cup of Joe is either through your kitchen or at a coffee shop near you. Coffee has definitely become a regular part of the day, for most people, that is. And as the years have gone by, coffee has also been taken up a notch, from a hot beverage into something cold and sweeter.

Coffee brewing will not be complete without the grinding process. The beans that have been roasted should be ground on demand, to ensure that it is fresh. Grinding also produces various coffee ground sizes (coarse, medium, fine, extra fine, and Turkish) that will affect the overall flavor and quality of your cup. Coffee brewing is basically a lot easier with a coffee grinder on hand. Let’s take a look at how coffee grinders have evolved over the years.

Hammer. The early days of coffee brewing simply consisted of breaking the beans into smaller pieces. A flat rock or a hammer served this purpose.

Roll grinder. A roll grinder, used in grinding grains, produced a more consistent grind and was later used for grinding coffee beans. Although an old technique, this is still used in Turkey to produce a finely powdered grind called Turkish coffee.

Mortar and pestle. The mortar and pestle have long been used in cooking as well as in medicine. It has also found its way to coffee grinding. The coffee beans are placed in the mortar and then are crushed and ground using the pestle. This grinding tool is typically made from wood or stone so that it would not absorb the flavors and scents of whatever was ground.

Mechanical grinder. The mechanical grinder made grinding a lot easier compared to the earlier methods. This became popular because you didn’t have to exert much effort to be able to grind coffee. Plus, the output is a lot more consistent. The typical design had a grinding handle on top, a box-shaped body that contained the holder for the coffee beans, and a drawer at the bottom for the ground beans. The grinders also had elaborate designs on the outside, making them a wonderful addition to your kitchen counter or shelf.

Spice grinder. The spice grinder was used to grind coffee because of its availability in most households. It had the same functionality as that of a mechanical grinder.

Wall mounted grinder. The wall became a great tool for holding the grinder in place that is why the coffee grinder was attached to it. This was also the time when the coffee grinder became adjustable and was able to produce different sizes of coffee grinds.

Electric coffee grinder. The demand for coffee grew and so coffee grinders became electric operated. This also gave rise to large commercial grinders.

If you’re going shopping for a grinder today, you’ll surely find different types and models on the market. But if you come across a classic grinder, you should go and get one. And should you ever find yourself without a coffee grinder, you don’t have to fret since you can still enjoy that cup of coffee. All you have to do is know what tools you can use to grind coffee even without a grinder. Find out more here.  


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