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The Entertainment Book *Giveaway closed*

I first learned about The Entertainment Book when I was a kid. I remember growing up as a kid and my Aunt always having the Entertainment Book. We used the coupons for everything! So as an adult I still use the book all the time!

With Back to School upon us, parents are always looking for ways to save money. A lot of families do coupons, but the  Entertainment Book offers more than just a few bucks off. You can find buy one get one free,  and tons of great discounts.

The Entertainment Book is regional. It’s easy to find your Book too. Just visit and enter your zip code. You will be taken to your regions landing page where you cna order your own Entertainment Book.

Our Inland Empire Book is packed with over $18,000 worth of local coupons:

  • 442 Restaurant Coupons
  • 115 Attraction Discounts
  • 158 Shopping Coupons
  • Over $15,000 in Travel Deals
  •  Movie Ticket Discounts
  • And Much More…


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  1. I use coupons often, shop sales and I look for special deals.
    Thanks so much.

  2. I save money by using coupons and matching them with the items that are on sale each week. I also scour the paper for free and cheap local events going on in the area. Thanks.

  3. I am a big coupon user. I always search out coupons or discounts for restaurants, local activities, and even movies. I also search thrift stores and garage sales for good deals my family can use.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  4. For clothes I shop Kohl’s sales and earn Kohl’s cash also. Dining out, I download coupons and use newspaper coupons.

  5. I save money by borrowing books, CD’s, magazines and more from the library.

  6. Lately we have cut back on eating at restaurants and instead having home cooked meals. I’ve also been using coupons more.

  7. I save money by using coupons and comparison shopping to get the best prices!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  8. I am the best at getting items on sale for my family. I have a lot of patience and wait till the prices are greatly reduced on what I want.

  9. We actually use the Entertainment Books all the time to save money! It is definitely our biggest saver when it comes to eating out. Instead of getting the same thing we look for new places with great deals to try. There are usually a bunch of restaurants that offer 50% off a pizza, which feed the whole family very inexpensively! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Coupons, sales (especially loss leaders at the grocery), investigate giveaways on craigslist, etc. For example, my grandson just got a rocker recliner free from craigslist–he just had to go pick it up. Definitely not new, but certainly good enough for a young man to watch TV in!

  11. We save money by baking our own pizzas, microwaving our own popcorn for the movies and by saving and reusing holiday gift bags.

  12. I use coupons for everything-groceries, restaurants and entertainment. Anything I can find a coupon for.

  13. I buy one of these Entertainment books every year to save money with my family. It makes eating at some great restaurants affordable. I also almost always shop sales and use coupons. Thanks!

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