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Thankful Turkey Popsicle Craft #PopsicleMom


Now that it is November I have decided to do fun crafts and other daily devotionals with my girls on being thankful, caring and helping other’s.

We started off with making these adorable Thankful Turkey Popsicle Crafts. They are super easy to make and a lot of fun!  Plus they make cute decorations for years to come.

To get started you need about seven Popsicle Sticks, various color markers and construction paper.

Thankful Turkey Popsicle Craft #PopsicleMom

Start off with coloring your Popsicle Sticks any color you want. All three of my girls did something different which makes this even more fun!

Then glue your sticks onto your cut out background (we used blue construction paper that I cute out into a fun shape). I let the older girls glue theirs how ever they wanted as well.

After you glue your Turkey down ask your kids what they are thankful for and write down their answer, or if your kids can write have them write it themselves.



Be sure to follow the Popsicle Party and create your own fun party at home!  You can see the entire Tour dates on Popsicle’s Facebook Page.

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  1. My sister is a new mom and we keep on trying to come up with crafts that we can incorporate my niece into without getting her dirty…I like the idea of Popsicle sticks and maybe adding a thankful idea to each. I would put her face on the center to,be the turkey.

  2. I have been looking for some easy mess proof crafts to do with my 2 younger girls. This is a great one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s so cute! I think it’s something both my three year olds and my five year old would be able to do and enjoy.

  4. Great idea! A must have activity for the kids to keep busy while sitting at the kids table doing anything but eating! Lol.

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