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Thankful Thursday!

“Jesus answered,
“The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
-John 6:29 NIV”

I am so thankful that I have insurance that covers 100% of my medical bills. On Friday my brother in law came over and he was sick, well I had no idea he was sick, and once he got here I never thought that he would pass his cold/flu onto us. Well he did. Patrick and I got sick, Patrick
‘s parents got sick, and yesterday the baby got sick. Pat and I were up all night with sissy who cried a good 50% of the night. So far Samantha is the only one who hasn’t gotten sick, but since she keeps drinking from my glass, and sharing with Sarah I am sure she will get it too. So that is what I am thankful for this week. Health care that is reliable and I can trust my Dr.

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