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Ten on Tuesday

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10 Best Games (video games, board games, card games, etc)

  1. Guitar Hero- thanks to my hubby I love playing this game. It is so much fun
  2. Super Nintendo Mario Bros – ok seriously who doesn’t love playing Mario Bros?
  3. Candy Land- remember playing this as a child?
  4. Monopoly- yeah I love playing this game, but I get bored easily with it
  5. Crazy 8’s- Hubby taught me this one and it is a lot of fun
  6. Rummy- I used to play this with my aunts and sisters at Christmas, it was a lot of fun.
  7. Hide and Go Seek- I still love this game
  8. Duck, Duck, Goose- we just taught this one to Sam and she is obsessed with it.
  9. Bejeweled- fun computer game
  10. Spider Solitaire- I used to spend hours playing this game on the computer. I kept trying to beat my previous score. Even hubby got obsessed with it.

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