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Tech Dad: Nintendo Wii Games

Nintendo has just launched two new games, New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis.

New Play Control! Pikmin: Life under a microscope fantasy world, Pikmin delivers a unique experience like few before it with a blend of real-time strategy, adventure, and puzzle elements. You control Captain Olimar, a lovable little astronaut, who crash-landed on a planet inhabited by even more lovable little plant creatures known as Pikmin. Olimar can command these creatures RTS-style, assign them tasks, make them attack foes, and gather resources. The ultimate task is to rebuild Olimar’s space ship before a 30-day time window elapses. Command lovable little creatures RTS-style Rebuild Olimar’s space ship before a 30-day time window elapses.

New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis: Step out on to the court and get ready for tennis like you’ve never experienced it before as Mario and friends serve up sporty fun with a Mario-style twist. In New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis, the Nintendo GameCube hit is back with exciting Wii controls and a dazzling widescreen presentation. Pick up your Wii Remote and get ready to practice your swing with Mario and the gang as they take you on an unforgettable tour of the wackier side of tennis.



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  1. I love tennis …I use to have a game cube but this is even more awesome to actually interacting with it on the Wii! Thanks =)


  2. The widescreen effect in Mario Tennis. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  3. The features of the games that most interest me are the fact that they can be used by kids an adults,not to hard for a kid to use.With 5 grandchildren I need games that will spread the ages,thanks


  4. Tennis would be fun because you can control you own motions. And Pikmin just added a new tossing feature which would be easier than the old one. We don't own either game.

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  5. The Mario Tennis game looks most interesting to me. I used to play tennis all the time so it would be fun to use the wii and see how much worse I've become.

  6. I love that the second game includes Mario. It's such a throwback to when my husband and I use to play the original Nintendo. Thanks for the chance.

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  7. I am a Nintendo girl. I love Mario. I'm intrigued by the "wackier side of tennis" the game has to offer.

    I've never played Pikmin, but I'm curious to see what happens if you don't rebuild his ship in 30 days? Does he get stuck there? Can you never play the game again? Is it like those first digital pocket pets from when I was a kid that just completely shut off if you killed them? Now I really want to play!

  8. Well, I'm too old to get the hang of these games but have been known to spend hours watching my sons & nephews playing! I know my sons will love the graphic's & actions they can do with the Pikmin's game….I'll continue to love watching….LOL….

  9. I love that my entire family can play it. Both kids, my husband and I are fans and look forward to our little competitions.

  10. For the Pikmin, I like the combination of real-time strategy, adventure, and puzzles. I also like the graphics. This seems like a neat strategy/building game.

    For Mario Power Tennis, I love the fact that you can actually practice your actual tennis swing by using the remotes. Forehands, backhands, spins, etc. All the real sport skills combined in a candy-like game that is sure to entertain both kids and adults.

  11. I would have to say that the feature I like is that the mario game is tennis! I love tennis games, I used to play one on the super nintendo that my father and I were addicted too, ahh great memories hehe.

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    I love tennis! No one will play with me 🙁 So getting to play with the wii and getting some cardio in while I have fun is what interests me!

    Thank you!

  13. My son loves to play the tennis sports package our Wii came with. It is hilarious to watch him and he kicks my boota at it. I think it would be even more fun for him to play the Mario version…who doesn't love Mario?

  14. The Pikmin game is a game the whole family can enjoy. If they can get it away from Dad that is. lol I like that it has a combination of real-time strategy, adventure, and puzzle elements all in one game. This is a game I too could end up addicted to 🙂

  15. I like that the Mario Power Tennis lets you attach a Nunchuk controller for additional precision. Cool!

  16. My sons would love being able to choose from playing 15 characters on the Mario Tennis game! They also would like commanding the army of
    up to 100 characters in the Pimkin
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    Many thanks, Cindi

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  18. I haven't played either games so, I wouldn't know what features would interest me more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I love the fact that it is a game the entire family can enjoy! Lots of variations there! Thanks

  20. I love that my husband would love either game, tennis (he played in school) or pikmin because it would be fun with his girls

  21. I love that the entire family can have fun as both games are rated E, so that's my very favorite feature.


  22. I like that it's a similar setup to Mario Super Sluggers, where more casual players can hit and pitch while other players can have better control by using both devices (wiimote and nunchuck). We are renting a Mario game right now while our grandson is with us…He loves Mario and if I won it I would give it to he and his family (parents and siblings ages 4-13)

  23. i like that you get to move around with this game, great for my sister who has been playing tennis in hs for two years

  24. My favorite feature about the Pikmin game is Olimar can command these creatures RTS-style, assign them tasks, make them attack foes, and gather resources.

  25. I also have to go with the E ratings! Plus it's nice to have more games that the whole family will enjoy!

  26. I think the cooles part is that they are two old games, but have been reved up to fit the Nxt-Gen standards. The best thing about Pikmin is probably that you get to move all the stuff just by moving the controller. You don't have to use the control pad. The best thing about the Mario Tennis game is the cool power-ups and how it might feel as if you are actually plaing tennis.

  27. Favorite features are that I can also play these games, they are multi-generational, can be enjoyed by one and all!

  28. I like that in the Pikmin video game something is being built instead of being blown up!
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  30. I used to play Pikmin on the Gamecube with my son and it was alot of fun. It would be fun to play again with the whole family.

  31. I think I threw my arm out playing tennis on wii sports, and mario power tennis you can use your wii-mote the same way, and MPT is the best tennis game for the wii. The wii pikmin port you're able to control your character and the pikmin using your controller and nunchuck. It makes it a lot faster, easier, and more fluid in playing the game. Definite advantage over the original

  32. In the Mario Power Tennis you can pick your player from the Mario Universe. Plus its a game that the hole family can play. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. My husband plays tennis every week. What a great way for him to enjoy it at home! I think the whole family would love it.

  34. One New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis video game. I love the exciting Wii controls and dazzling widescreen presentations.

  35. I like the widescreen presentation and I like how the whole family can play.

  36. Playing Tennis with the Mario characters via the Wii sounds like a great concept. Thanks for the opportunity.

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