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Superfoods from Happy Family

Parents know how important it is to provide their little ones with the nutrients they need, especially from an early age.Happy Family, a leading premium organic food brand, offers optimum nutrition for children, including many superfoods boasting key nutrients necessary for development:

  • Kale: Dark, leafykale is packed with nutrients, such as fiber, calcium, vitamin B6 and more, and can be found in products such asHappy Tot Plus Kale, Apple and Mango and Happy Munchies Apple and Kale Croc Shapes Puffed Corn.
  • Choline: The Happy Tot Plus line of pouches, including flavors such asBlueberry, Apple & Purple Carrot and Strawberry, Kiwi, Beet & Pear, contain choline, a B vitamin that helps with growth and development.
  • Salmon: Salmon boasts heart health, brain and nerve benefits and vitamin D, and is available inHappy Baby Pouches Stage 3, Super Salmon flavor.

We received coupons to try out a few of the Happy Family products and Shelby really likes the Happy Puffs. They are the very first melt-in-your-mouth  organic finger foods. These teach baby tactility and self-feeding and  might buy you some much needed silence!

We love that Happy Family is organic and perfect for baby’s just starting solids.

You can find Happy Family at Target.

*A product was provided.

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