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Super Wubble Ball #SuperWubble


By now you probably have seen the commercial for the Super Wubble Ball, and let me tell you it really is a fun ball to play with! All four of my kids are loving it. It took us a few tries to get it to inlfate but once we did the kids thought it was the coolest ball ever.

The set that comes with the pump includes, pump, ball, patches and petroleum jelly..


It is super easy to inflate the Super Wubble Ball. Make sure you follow the directions to a T. If you notice the ball is not getting bigger than a basket ball then you probably need to replace the batteries in the pump. The Super Wubble is not indestructible, and the TV commercial even shows that it can be popped. 

Product Highlights

  • Inflates up to 3′ in diameter
  • Soft and squishy to the touch
  • Can be kicked, punched, squeezed and even sat on
  • Can be used inside or outside for plenty of fun
  • Translucent material is lightweight
  • Features super-thermo-technology developed by engineers from NASA
  • Wash with cool water and a small amount of liquid hand soap
  • Meets or exceeds US and European toy standards


It’s a normal feature for air to leak out overnight unless you seal the valve with a patch or sticker. However, we’ve found that many people who live in smaller homes like to manually deflate their balls for storage, so we do not recommend sealing the valve. Instead, most typically “top off” the Super Wubble with more air from the pump if it deflates.


If you purchase the Super Wubble with the belief that it will last as long as a basketball or soccer ball, that would lead to some disappointment. That’s why it’s shown popping in the original TV ads and why patches are provided in the box. In order for it to have the properties of a bubble and to move the bubbly way it does, it cannot also be as hard or as durable as a soccer ball/basketball. 

Super Wubble retails for $19.99 with pump or $6.99 without a pump. They are much stronger now than the original Wubble, but they are still subject to normal wear and tear. You can purchase it at Toys R Us. 

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