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dang! Today is so slow. I haven’t seen a Sunday so slow before. I guess most people are lucky and have their dear Hubby home with them. 🙁 not me. My Hubby is working. So I have been spending today cleaning and organizing! YAY!! I got a huge bag full of clothes that Sam and Sarah out grew, some clothes of Pat’s that he never wears, and some of my jeans that I don’t wear and put them out by the dumpster with a sign saying “free clothes” on it. LOL. (is that ghetto?)I just figured instead of throwing them away I could just let people who need them take them. I am also cleaning our closet. It was bad!!! my stuff was a mess you didn’t even want to go in the closet. I’ll wait to show those pictures for “tackle it Tuesdays”

Tuesday were getting our carpet cleaned. YAY!!

I did put the laundry away and am washing clothes. fun!!! *hear the sarcasm?*

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