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Summer Garden – How to Add Color

Winter puts a dampener on just about everything. Come late September, something strange happens to the colour in our lives. It starts to fade. Our clothes change from flowy bright whites, patterned yellows, airy reddish purples and other warming tones and instead we switch to wearing faded pastels that blend browns with other shades of brown (with perhaps a hint of dull green). The good news is that spring is nearly here! After months of mud and rain, the time has finally come to start planning our summer gardens. Preparation is everything. Let’s look at how you can start planning now for a colourful summer garden.

Flowers – Trees – Bushes

Let’s start with an obvious one. Buying flowers, trees, and bushes is the fastest way to transplant some colour into your garden. Lots of flowers bloom in spring. Unless you have a large sprawling garden, you’re going to need to think on a slightly smaller scale. For compact displays with low maintenance, choose Crocus, Lily of the Valley, Bluebells, and fill in any gaps with the golden yellow glow of Winter Aconites. Choosing flowering trees is easy, too. The only consideration is to make sure the lawn doesn’t encroach on growing saplings. Check out some spectacular options here and get excited about the prospect of introducing a tree to your garden. Flowering bushes can help to either fill large gaps, or can act as a stand-alone feature.  Stewartstonian Azaleas, Flowering Quince, and Forsythia are all great choices.

Garden furniture

One of the major limiting factors that stops us from truly expressing our colourful side in our homes is the resale value of the property. For example, you’d probably have difficulty in selling a house painted orange. Likewise, if your kitchen walls are painted with superhero murals and your front door is a giant mirror with a crack in it, finding a buyer might be an uphill task. So, we keep things simple. BUT. Garden furniture isn’t a permanent fixture. It unscrews or folds up or packs down and therefore isn’t a colour consideration from which you need to shy away. Go big. Go Bold. Go bright. Think multi-coloured table and chair combos, eye-popping sun loungers, patterned cushions matched to a stand-out parasol, and maybe a hand painted bench showing all the colours of the rainbow.

Plant Pots

The word terracotta comes from Latin and literally means ‘baked earth’. In essence, then, it’s cooked mud. Or roasted clay. Or heated, dried, and hardened muck. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the unassuming pale effect of washed out terracotta is hardly the show-stopping plant pot look that you or your summer garden deserve. Leave behind the brown. Get to grips with something much homelier and more welcoming. While painted plant pots can be found almost anywhere, consider your options. There’s glazed effect, there are hanging baskets, there are square pots for up against walls and giant round pots for the perfect corner feature. There are even colourful buckets available, if you really want to stamp your style.

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