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Subscription Boxes: Art therapy Collection


Art therapy Collection  is a brand new collection of adult coloring publications designed to explore the relaxing benefits of coloring. A huge success in the UK and France, publisher Hachette brought Art therapy subscriptions to the US, now available.

Carl Jung prescribed coloring to his patients half a century ago and he was on to something! It helps reduce stress and anxiety as it is akin to meditation, which is a powerful form of concentration. Coloring allows people to refocus their energy and encourages individuality.

Each magazine is packed with gorgeous coloring designs plus creative coloring techniques andrelaxation tips.  You’ll also build an amazing coloring set as you go, with the high-quality colouring supplies provided with every issue.

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As you know, adult coloring books have been wildly successful, allowing an older age group to discover peaceand tranquility through art and self-expression.
Art therapy’s subscription-based model allows subscribers to receive new coloring pages every week to keep the creativity flowing and would make for a great gift this holiday season!  Every month get inspired with 4 Art therapy issues. Your first month to start is only $4.95 with free shipping! Your second month is 2 issues, with your FREE magazine tidybox and FREE XXL colouring poster for just $9.90 (plus $2 shipping and handling).
Thereafter, you will automatically receive and be billed for 4 new magazines issues and colouring supplies every month for only $19.80 (plus $4 shipping and handling). There is no minimum to buy and you may cancel at any time by email, letter or phone.
You can start your collection by heading over to

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