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Stuck on You – Tools For School

Ever had your child come home and you find they have school items that don’t belong to them, or are missing? There have been quite a few times when Samantha comes home and she is missing pencils, sharpeners, scissors and when I ask her where they are she shrugs. The problem is nothing was labeled so no one would have known they were hers.

The fix? Stuck on You – Tools For School. This pack has everything your child needs for school. Pencils, Markers, Eraser, Sharpener, Scissors and Colored Pencils. All of which is labeled with your child’s name. Yes, every single item has your child’s name on it (except the pencil case).

Visit to order your pack and finally have your kids stop loosing their school supplies.

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Amanda Acuña an influential Mom Blogger created MommyMandy as an online resource to the parenting community. She has four children and they currently reside in Texas.

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  1. I had pencils and a pencil case with my name on them when I was in school. It made me feel so special and also made sure I came home with all of my own stuff!

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