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Stocking Stuffers: Wii Games from EA

Samantha has become quite the gamer. I swear this little girl knows how to play any game that is put in front of her, or will figure it out! Over the past few months she has really gotten into playing the Wii and with the addition of a few more games I probably wont be able to get her off the darn thing!

We recently received a few games from EA  and Sam is so excited! We received Littlest Pet Shop Friends, SimAnimals Africa and Boom Blox Bash Party all for the Nintendo Wii.

51BXS2gpXAL__SL500_AA280_Grab your best friend and check out the pet party of the year. With Littlest Pet Shop Friends for Wii you can adventure in new worlds, customize accessories, play awesome mini-games, and collect a ton of adorable Littlest Pets. The second edition of the Littlest Pet Shop video game brings the party to you with a new cast of quirky pets and their best friends. Play tons of new mini-games and explore new towns with your favorite pets. With enhanced multiplayer features, you can even double your fun by playing with your best friend. Venture on quests, deliver invitations, serve up ice cream, and style your pets as you get ready for the biggest Littlest Pet Shop party of the year. And be prepared for a few surprises along the way, like an all-new mystery pet that just might show up at your party.

Key Game Features

  • It’s All About the Pets – Collect all-new pets packed full of personality! Meet the Great Dane, the Peacock, the Collie, the Ladybug, and many more of your favorite pets.
  • Best Friends – Now each pet has a best friend that helps them prepare for the party. Plus enhanced multiplayer features allow you and your real-life best friend to enjoy the fun together.
  • Mini-Games – An all-new story guides you along your journey as you play mini-games and accomplish tasks to get closer to the celebration.
  • Style Out Your Pets – For the first time, you can design your own accessories and style out your pets in your own unique way.
  • Surprises – What’s a party without surprises? In Littlest Pet Shop Friends an all-new mystery pet is coming to town… and you’ll just have to play to see what else pops up.
  • Multiplayer SupportLittlest Pet Shop Friends features local 2-player multiplayer support utilizing the Wii Remote/nunchuck controller configuration.


SimAnimalsAfricaIn SimAnimals Africa, players tame exotic animals including lions, gorillas and elephants by befriending, petting, playing and even controlling their movements as they explore landscapes like savannas, jungles and river deltas.

“SimAnimals Africa transports players to the African wilderness where they must restore the balance of nature to win the game,” said Tim LeTourneau, General Manager of the SimAnimals Franchise. “Throughout their journey, they’ll interact with exotic animals, learn to unlock their unique abilities, discover new locations, and uncover interesting collectables. It brings the current focus on the environment home in a safe and entertaining way.”

SimAnimals Africa for the Wii allows players to interact with wild African animals while they venture across jungles, deserts, savannas, river deltas and more. Each brand new animal has their own unique skill and it’s up to the player to find their secret abilities. Kicking zebras, rock-breaking rhinos and crocodiles that excel at hunting are all part of the cast of characters that will assist players in keeping the environment happy and help them unlock new areas, animals, and special items. Mini-games give players more ways to interact with the animals. The ring toss, drumming, and petting games help the animals hone their unique skill and assist players in achieving their goals more quickly. Additionally, there are over five dozen rare objects for players to collect including bugs, fruits and flowers. If players feed one of these rare items to an animal they may get an unexpected surprise. Players can now choose to play as an animal as well where they can water the terrain as an elephant, kick fruit off trees as a zebra or jump over riverbeds as a gazelle.


bashpartyGet ready for even more blox-busting action with BOOM BLOX Bash Party for Wii, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed BOOM BLOX game for Wii. Developed by EA in collaboration with director and producer Steven Spielberg, BOOM BLOX Bash Party takes destruction to new heights, providing the ultimate social gaming experience. BOOM BLOX Bash Party will get your party started with new Versus, Co-op and Team Play challenges – twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original BOOM BLOX.

Like the original BOOM BLOX game Bash Party is based around fast-paced gameplay that utilizes players’ reflexes, dexterity, and problem-solving skills. During the action players use the Wii Remote to direct objects and forces toward structures made of blocks in order to knock them over. There is also Jenga like gameplay during which players pull blocks, with the goal of toppling as many of them as possible, but without bringing down the whole structure. In doing this players have to deal with the different types of blocks in play. Some of these include: gem blocks, blocks with point values attached, explosive blocks that detonate on contact, vanishing blocks that disappear when struck, wood blocks, and steel blocks. In addition, as the game progresses strategies may change, meaning that players must be flexible in order to succeed.

Key Features

  • More Than 400 New Blox-Busting Levels – All-new explosive puzzle action builds upon your BOOM BLOX favorites while delivering tons of levels to explore, conquer and remix.
  • The Ultimate Party Experience – More multiplayer action than ever before. Play crazy new levels with or against friends in cooperative, competitive and the all-new team-based action.
  • Spectacular New Worlds – Beautiful themed worlds take you from mysterious planets to pirate coves and beyond. Battle giant squids or bash alien spaceships as you explore these stunning new environments.
  • New Blox. New Shapes. New Tools – From Cylinders and Paint Blox to the Virus Ball and the Slingshot, you won’t believe all the new ways to create chaos.
  • Wacky New Characters – Now the all-new cast of characters are part of the destruction. Throw, grab and launch characters for fun, or use them as part of your strategy.
  • New Rewards System – Collect Boom Bux throughout the game as you complete levels, then spend them jump ahead unlocking new levels and features you can’t wait to play.
  • Content Available Online – Connect your Wii to the Internet and download new levels quickly and easily. Design your own levels with the expanded Create Mode and share them with friends or submit them to be shared with the world.

All three games are a lot of fun and are rated E for everyone so even the young kids can try to play or sit and watch.

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  1. “Wii” gotta get more games in our house for the winter or it’s gonna be chaos! Bored kids = crabby kids =grounded kids =grounded parents=bored AND crabby parents. THe Wii is so cool…even my 78 year old mom just loves the bowling. I know…I know…the kids have to get out in the snow too…but this stuff is too much FUN!!! THey just keep making more great games. I think the stocking stuffer idea is good, but I hate to put a LOT of money into something that might be “so-so”. I guess it might be a good idea to rent them first and then see? Great review though…but being ya almost have to be BEHIND the game yourself, right? to get the whole feel for them. I have more fun with the “kids” games than upper level. Guess that shows MY IQ probably. Ha!

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