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Stocking Stuffers from HighFive Naturals

Stocking Stuffers from HighFive Naturals

Looking for some great Stocking Stuffers for the adults in your life? I love these great Stocking Stuffer ideas from HighFive Naturals.

Their line of products include Silicone Oven Gloves, Silicone Pot Holders,  Silicone Suction Lids, Silicone Lego Molds and Silicone Egg Poachers!

HighFive Naturals Egg Poaching Cups are designed with a Molded Support-Ring Base that offers stability while preparing your eggs – many other poachers don’t have this essential feature.


The Unique All-Purpose Silicone Gloves are Handy Far Beyond the Kitchen; Ideal for House-Hold Uses like: Removing Tight Lids, Changing Light Bulbs, Handling Ice, Grabbing Eggs and Corn-on-the-Cob right Out of Boiling Water and Fresh Hot Bread Out of the Oven; Use while Canning to Keep a Safe Grip on Hot Jars; Great for Household Chores and Cleaning; Wear them for Washing Dishes and Cleaning the Freezer to Protect your Hands.

silicone glove

SET OF 4 stackable silicone suction lids in 4 practialsizes: Small 6″ – Medium 8″ – Large 10 1/4″ – Extra Large 11 3/4″ (In 4 New TRENDY and VIBRANT Colors!) These bright, fun kitchen gadgets make Perfect Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers! Best Food Saver – Creates an airtight seal that keeps food and ingredients super-fresh! Transfer food bowls quickly and easily from refrigerator/freezer to oven/microwave to table!

silicone suction lids

Kids (of all ages) are going to be Over-the-Moon thrilled with these Crazy-Trendy, Super-Cool Lego Molds – they will LITERALLY Eat ‘Em Up! These unique Silicone Molds will keep them entertained for hours doing Arts and Crafts, creating endless varieties of fun treats, thinking up challenging lego games and fun activities with their friends.

silicone lego molds

New Silicone Pot Holders are versatile, durable and eco-friendly – a very smart alternative to traditional hot pads. Flexible, impervious to heat and flame and SO DARN CUTE! They just scream functionality. Toss out your burnt through, food-stained, crusty old pot holders and embrace the SMARTNESS of Silicone Hot Pads.

pot holders

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