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Stocking Stuffers for Kids: eeBoo 3 Juggling Balls

eeboo 3 Juggling Balls (4)

My ten year old loves creative play toys, in fact she has asked quite a few times about juggling balls. Did you know that juggling balls are an excellent stocking stuffer though? Why? Because the concentration that is required for learning to juggle is great for your child’s brain!

eeBoo’s Juggling Balls are available in 6 colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Blue! Each style has a unique embroidered pattern, and are covered in a soft velvety fabric. The non-slip fabric serves both the practical purpose of helping the juggler maintain grip, while adding a gorgeous aesthetic value to the Juggling Balls .

Each set includes an instructional poster. The poster is beautifully illustrated, with hints of inspiration drawn from vintage circus posters.

eeboo 3 Juggling Balls (1) eeboo 3 Juggling Balls (2) eeboo 3 Juggling Balls (3)

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