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Start a new Easter Tradition: The Bunny with the Basket

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Did you know that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are good friends? Well they are! Each year they meet to share the notes they have on all the children of the world. Find out what happens once the Easter Bunny meets with Santa Claus and prepares for Easter! This is a beautifully illustrated story and a new Easter Tradition that involves visits from the Bunny with the Basket, writing notes back and forth to the Easter Bunny, and going on a golden egg hunt.

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The Easter Bunny is hoping that one of his helpers will find its way to your home this Easter Season. By welcoming this Easter Bunny Helper into your home, you introduce a tradition that your children will delight in for years. A Children’s Book, Bunny, and Golden Egg are included in this new tradition. You knew that Santa had helpers, now you know that the Easter Bunny does too!

These special helpers are each called the Bunny with the Basket. Your Bunny with the Basket will arrive before Easter with a golden egg. Each of the 12 nights leading up to Easter, the Bunny with the Basket will hop back to Easter Village with a note from your child in the golden egg, and the Easter Bunny will write back!

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