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Spring is for DIY and fix it jobs!


I love spring! I love it because it’s the time of the year when you can open the windows and doors, let the air in and get to all those DIY (do it yourself) lists you wanted to get done!

I love getting crafty and changing things up around the house. One of things I already have my eyes on to do to our house is to do the barn door look for sliders.

One of the things you will need is the sliding door hardware.  I just love how the door looks above. it gives the home a country feel and trust me in Texas I am going to want that country warm home.

In Texas it also gets incredibly hot. I plan to have a sun porch. I’d love to have shoji screens for the porch during the warm spring and hot summer. The screen will help block the sun and keep the room cooler, but in the cooler months and nights we can have it open!

Of course there are so many things I’d love in a home, the great thing is that creating a DIY or To Do list is important. You can then make a budget on how much the materials are going to cost and if you can do the labor yourself (most of the time you can). It’s fun to watch your dream home become a reality and with a little sweat you can do it.

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