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Spring Cleaning: Woolite Rug Stick Kit

A recent survey found that when the average mom looks down at her carpet and rugs…

  • she sees 85 days a year of cleaning (almost the equivalent of an entire Summer)
  • 96 hours of failure (kids’ toughest stains typically draw 12 hours of cleaning time and usually doesn’t work), and
  • eight lasting reminders of her kids’ antics in the form of spots and stains (the average mom can point to eight stains at any given time)

And, all of this makes mom feel like her home is dirty (62%), embarrassed (45%) and like a bad homemaker (27%). Nothing makes a home more unattractive than dirty, dingy carpets.

Although I am lucky enough to have an amazing carpet cleaner there are days where I don’t want to get the big cleaner out and want to be able to quickly and effectively remove a stain on the carpet. Thankfully moms can turn to the Woolite Rug Stick Kit. Each kit includes a Rug Stick and a Trial Size Cleaner. It is very easy to put together and with each sweep back the Stick releases the cleaner, then you flip it around to scrub over the stain.



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