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Spider Hatchlings (revisited)

So three years ago (gosh I can’t believe it’s been three years!!!) I shared about a super fun project I did with Samantha. The project is called Spider  Hatchlings. As you can see my hatchlings didn’t come out quite like the instructions show but that is because I didn’t use a balloon.

I told my mother in law about it, and she told me to have fun and to do it with her class. Well, we made our hatchlings on Friday and today at school I had a few of the moms help me put them together!

The enormous spider web is from Pottery Barn which we bought a few years ago. As you can see all the tiny white egg sacks hanging on the spider web. Each spider egg has 3 spiders dangling down.  

I am a huge fan of the magazine called Family Fun which is where this fun craft came from. I hope you and your family tries out this craft!

For the complete directions visit:

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  1. The is awesome, I am going to see if our other room mothers can get together and make this for the classroom. It would be a good lesson for the kindergartners to learn about insects.

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