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Sparkling Juicy Juice

Kids love carbonated drinks—especially as they get older, become more independent, and see other kids drinking it! That’s why we developed new Sparkling Juicy Juice Fruit Juice Beverage—an all-natural, lightly carbonated drink that provides one serving of fruit. It’s lower in sugar when compared to regular Juicy Juice and tastes great!

My girls love the taste of the Sparkling Juicy Juice. I am not one to let the girls drink a lot of soda, in fact they barely get to drink it. Maybe once a month if they are lucky, so when they saw that the Juicy Juice tasted kind of like soda they thought it was really cool.  

*A product was received.

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  1. The children love Juicy Juice and I know they would love drinking this. Will have to check for it when I am at the grocery store.

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