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Southern California Photographer: Jessica Warhol Photography

When Shelby was six days old we had our awesome Newborn Photo Shoot with Jessica Warhol Photography. For the few weeks leading up to Shelby’s birth Jessica and I talked about what I would like in our newborn shoot.  I also let her know of Shelby’s birth so that she could schedule us an appointment within Shelby’s first week.

About a month before Shelby was born I decided I wanted one of those cute Newborn Photo Shoots with Shelby, but I also wanted to do sibling pictures. I wanted all three of the girls to have a photo done, and I wanted it as soon after Shelby was born for memories. Capturing those first few days of her life was something I really wanted.

Jessica and I discussed her packages and pricing. You can find this information on her website, but to create a custom package it’s really easy to get in contact with her.

I have to admit going into the Photo Shoot I was so nervous. How would the baby do, how would Jessica get good pictures of her? etc. Right away I was blown away with Jessica’s professionalism and her skills. I was also surprised at all the different props and backdrops she had. While Jessica unloaded her SUV full of adorable props I had the chance to go through things and pick out  different props I’d love to use. Of course being the etsy freak I am I already had quite a few things of our own to use.

We ended up doing the Newborn Deluxe Package which runs around 295 dollars. I have to say that for that price it is worth every penny. Jessica arrived around noon and was at my house until five o’clock.  We ended up with 2 extra hours, and that was because we had a hard time getting the older girls to cooperate and listen!

Jessica had suggestions to make the session run smoothly, which I was so grateful to have. Like having Shelby in a cloth diaper (this helps eliminate diaper lines in pictures) and to have her swaddled in nothing but her diaper. Also helpful because there is no disturbing the baby with taking off clothes. I love that Jessica takes safety a priority and makes sure all her newborns she photographs stays safe with mom (or dad) right next to the baby.

I thought about doing the naked baby photos but we decided to wrap her in a dark purple almost brown Muslim. I wish I had a picture of Jessica taking pictures of Shelby. I loved watching her do her “magic”

The final product of the pictures came out awesome. When I first saw the damask backdrop I wasn’t sure if I liked it. But I trusted Jessica and WOW. I was completely blown away.

While I sat there making sure Shelby didn’t move Jessica snapped away. To most people you would think she was taking the same photo over and over but with each little angle she captured so many different photos, different looks and different sweet features of Shelby.

When the girls got home we quickly re-did their hair and had them join in on some adorable sibling pictures.

Jessica also did a little re-touching on Samantha. (thank you!!!) Sam had a sore on her lip and since these photos would be treasured for a lifetime Jessica assured Sam she could take the owie out of the picture.

We literally could have taken pictures all day and night. It was something I am so glad I did and will do again in the future.

Now to plan a Spring/Summer family photo shoot outside with Jessica!

Jessica Warhol Photography offers photo sessions for everyone. From newborns/babies & kids, graduation (seniors), engagement, wedding, maternity. Whatever you need a photographer for Jessica is there. Her bubbly personality makes her a blast to work with.

Photographs connect you, not only visually, but emotionally to memorable moments of your life.

Jessica couldn’t be any more right.  Looking at our photos brings back the memories (yes, even though they were only a month ago) of Shelby’s first days, how she looked as a newborn and at how proud her big sisters are.

These photos hold a special place in my heart and will for always.

To contact Jessica you can send her an email, find her on Facebook, or just give her a call. for more information and to see her work head on over to


*A product was provided.

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  1. I just LOVE and adore that Jessica went above and beyond to help out a mom. Staying longer, editing out an owwie, THAT is the kind of customer service we all dream of. Come to Las Vegas Jessica!!

  2. The pictures look awesome! I live in Southern California, and I will totally consider her next time we want to take our family photo.

  3. Dropping by from the Blogs Doc of the Coppertone Moms group! I am also a member! What a cute blog and button! Visit me if you have time. Xo!~ Casey C

  4. she is a good photographer. I can’t wait to have more children to do something this fun! I love the pictures with the older siblings over looking shelby. cute!!!!

  5. What a special moment,the pictures turned out amazing! What a beautiful family you have. It’s nice to have some one professional who knows what their doing when it comes to photographing a newborn and also photographing other siblings as well.

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