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Soft Wrap Minis!

If you want to have a better-for-you grill-out that doesn’t force you to sacrifice the convenience of eating condiment-covered hotdogs or hamburgers with your hands, try swapping traditional buns with the new La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious™ Soft Wrap Minis! Because what’s summer without finger-food fresh off the grill?

Why Shun the Bun?

Considering leading bun brands have up to 150 calories per serving, simply replacing each bun with a 50-calorie Soft Wrap Mini can save 100 calories per serving. Additionally, the typical bun is usually full of empty calories and trans fats, whereas La Tortilla Factory Soft Wrap Minis contain no hydrated oils, are loaded with whole grains and fiber, and are the perfect size for hamburgers and hot dogs.

Tired of flipping burgers and dogs?

Then put some sizzle on the grill with spiced-up fajitas! Check out the simple, delicious recipe below. Be sure to complete the meal with either the Soft Wrap Minis or our Hand Made Style Tortillas, which offer a ‘fresh from the kitchen taste’ with a unique blend of corn and wheat (14 g whole grain/90 cals each).

Be the Best Guest

Impress the party by arriving with a delicious platter of pinwheels made with smoked honey turkey, cranberry preserves, Gorgonzola cheese, apple and La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tomato-Basil Soft Wraps.

(Click Here for the full recipe!)

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