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So excited!!

For Christmas I think I went above and beyond for the fmaily, making sure to pay close attention to exactly what everyone wanted. Hubby a PS3, Samantha – American Girl stuff, Sarah – a barbie house. For me I bought myself a few things I really wanted, like a Nikon D3000, new Coach Ashley Signature Horse and Carriage Bag, a hoodie from Abercrombie & Fitch…..  but Hubby surprised me…. like every year. This year I received an adorable Coach makeup bag and Coach Gift Card.

I used the Coach Gift Card to buy the  cute Phoebe Bangle Watch! I have wanted a new watch for a while, and Hubby didn’t want me to spend the gift card on another purse so I thought the watch would be perfect! Plus it’s a bangle so it looks like a bracelet.

I will have to say if it wasn’t for my girls this year Holiday would have been really hard for me. I keep thinking I should have been 10 weeks pregnant instead of dealing with a dr. office that has no idea what they are doing… Instead of dealing with the loss. But I can’t  mourn over what might have been, and instead look forward to the new year.

  At least I can enjoy the Holidays and then in January get back to finding out what is wrong with my body… and hopefully a rainbow baby!

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12 Responses to “So excited!!”

  1. courtney says:

    omg adorable! i want one!

  2. Angela K says:

    What a lovely watch! I don’t like wearing watches usually, but this one is more like a bracelet, so I think it wouldn’t be such an annoyance. What does the “strap” look like in the back? Is it completely closed?

  3. Such a gorgeous watch… I also wish you had posted a photo of the purse – I am a HUGE purse gal, hubby can’t stand it. 🙂
    Praying for your good health and happiness in the new year! HUGS!

  4. Louise says:

    Merry Christmas Amanda,

    I hope your pregnancy gets easier!

  5. Heather H. says:

    What great gifts, I wish I had young children to watch their expressions on Christmas when they open the gifts they’ve been wanting-it’s priceless.

  6. Kristy H says:

    I love that watch! I usually don’t wear them, but THIS one, I’d wear alot!

  7. That’s quite the haul, girl! I love the watch!!! Simply fab!

  8. Angela L. says:

    That watch is gorgeous. Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas! Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year as well!

    Angela L.

  9. so glad it was a good Christmas for you.. And hope for the best in 2011

  10. W Wangen says:

    Love it!

  11. eva says:

    I am sorry for your loss and glad a a new year is coming! :]

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