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so excited!

So yesterday was Hubby’s day off. (Notice how I wasn’t online at all?) anyways, so we decided to go to the store. Nothing else better to do then go grocery shopping. Anyways, our Stater Bros. was having a promotion. If you spend so much money you receive one entry to win a 200 dollar gas card to Chevron.

Well I guess by spending 158 dollars we received 5 entries. What is funny is the day before my mother in law received a ton of entries too and she didn’t tell us this until this morning. She said if she won she would give the card to us.

Well about 8am this morning Pat’s cell phone rings and it is Stater Bros. GM telling us we had won!!! Were so excited. I can’t believe we won the gift card. Pat says he never wins anything, and was so excited.

anyways, so that is my happy story for today LOL

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