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So Busy!

Man it’s the second day into the week and I have been so busy! This week is swim lessons week (next week too)

I am amazed at how much Sam has learned in ONE day! ONE DAY! I mean, she knew how to swim before lessons started, but she mostly did the doggy paddle. I was just shocked watching her today and doing everything so perfectly. Even her swim teacher was impressed.

Sarah is doing the mommy & me class. She does not want to do anything except play. But She is going under water to get the “bananas” and “pickles” She will learn though.

Today was also ballet for Sam. Sarah was very upset when Grandma took her to ballet and kept crying “alleeeeee, alleeeee” She wants to do ballet like her big sis. But here they have to be 4 to start. So one more year.

So am I crazy for already getting ideas for Sam’s birthday next year? I guess I am so excited for her starting kinder that I think of all the little friends she is going to make. I am truly excited for my baby girl!

AND a little sneak peek at what is coming up over at Mommies United!

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