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Snow in Arrowhead

I can not believe these storms we have been getting the past few days. From raining all day Monday to 4″ of snow yesterday. Now it’s snowing again and I guess were supposed to have the worst storm tomorrow!

Not to mention the crazy flooding down the hill and the tornado in New Port. It’s crazy out there. I am glad Hubby is on his way home.  I myself am still feeling horrible. Last night my temperature got up to 102. I was able to get my fever down but boy I was miserable! Thank goodness I am feeling a little better today but still pretty bad.

This was about 20 minutes after it started snowing yesterday.

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  1. I was born and raised in Fontana, CA. I bet this is a beautiful sight in the Lake Arrowhead area, not 2 far from Fontana. I see that southern, CA is getting pounded with bad weather. Hope U get well soon!

  2. Oh, hear ya! We usually love the rain but DH and I have been sick for almost a week and he can’t sleep with his constant coughing! Feeling like crap.
    We live below Mt. Baldy and it just rains and rains and so it is hard to be sick and have to get out to shop. We really miss our walks-exercise, but just can’t do it. And we are so hoping the little ones-5 months and 3 years, or no one else in the house get this!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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