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In today’s world of brand mania, what if there was a brand that was really all about you? Your memories. Your family. Your own creativity. That is what they set out to create with SnapTotes.

I was first introduced to SanpTotes last summer at BlogHer whee I received a gift card to create a Clutch and I LOVE it! I love customized products and anyone who knows me knows I am a huge purse fan.  I was really excited to create my own GiGi Purse from SnapTotes.

The newly redesigned Gigi!
The cutest bag ever just got better. Inspired by the timeless style and kicky charm of Audrey Hepburn, the leather Gigi has quickly become a classic. With turned leather handles and a new selection of pattern-printed gusset trims, they’ve combined all the personality of a custom-photo handbag with all the style of your favorite designer.

Designing your handbag is super easy. I was so surprised at how easy and user friendly the website is.  You cna choose from having one photo on your purse or an entire collage. I picked to have nine pictures. What I love is that you can change so many features of your picture right there in the design portion of checkout. If you have a colored picture and what it black and white, you can change it. You can even change size of the picture and many other options.

Once you upload your photos you can drag them and move them around until they are in the spots you like. 

Next you move your photos around so they are how you want them. You also can change photo color, reduce red eye and adjust the size.

Next confirm you like the way your bag looks and hit submit.

I was excited to see the bag and I never expected to get stopped in the stores as much as I do with curious inquiries on where I got it. What can I say, the *new* Gigi bag is beautiful!

Buy It:

If you like the *new* Gigi Handbag you can buy it for $135 at


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Shop at to redeem during the checkout process!

*A product was received thanks to SnapTotes.

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