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SnapMe Swimwear

Snap Me Swimwear are bathing suits for girls that have a double row of snaps on the bottom to make diaper changes and bathroom breaks a snap! (no pun intended). You will no longer have to try to wrangle a toddler out of a wet bathing suit in order to change her. You will no longer have to wrangle a toddler doing the potty dance out of wet and sandy bathing suit. And…no longer will your daughter wiggle out of her bathing suit in a dirty public restroom and let it fall to the floor. There is no downside to this wonderful invention!

I can not believe someone didn’t think of this sooner. I am one of those parents who buys one pieces for their little girls. Sure two pieces look cute but I think  little girls should wear one piece swimsuits. I think they should be modest and covered, not to mention the more their skin is covered from the sun the better.

BUT… I hate trying to pull down a wet swimsuit on my girls when they are doing the dance.  The only thing is I do have to help Sarah button her suit back up.

Check them out by visiting and pick one up before heading to the beach the next time. It will make your summer outings all the more enjoyable.

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