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Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls

Smuckers FruitFulls

My girls like fruit pouches but sometimes I have noticed they are full of sugar and extra additives. We were excited to see the new Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls. The Fruit-Full’s recipe is so simple, we put it on the front of the box! Made with real Washington Apples and sun-ripened berries, Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls Pure Blended Fruit pouches are the easy way to enjoy fruit any time, anywhere.

Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls comes in four flavors and have 1 serving of fruit in every pouch, no added sugar, and no preservatives, it’s easy to say yes to this nutritious snack for kids and adults alike. Just twist, squeeze, and enjoy!

Smuckers FruitFulls a (1)

Smuckers FruitFulls a (2)

Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls will be available at grocery and retail stores nationwide and will come in 8 packs, 4 packs and individual!

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