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Six Months Already?

Ok so technically Shelby is 6.5 months now, looking back how can it possibly have been six months already?

This past month Shelby has learned so many things, from crawling to giggling all the time. She has also started making tons of funny sounds and loves to laugh at herself or shriek at herself in the mirror.

We don’t have 6 month stats yet, but I weighed her yesterday (6.5 months) and I got 17 lbs. I think she is about 27 inches long.

We are still slowing introducing her to solids, she doesn’t have solids every day yet. She isn’t really interested in eating food yet. we are still breastfeeding and she also refuses to take a bottle. We have tried a few times and she just turns her head.

Shelby loves to sit and play with toys. Her favorite toys are those that light up and make sounds. She also loves to be entertained by people. talking to her, playing peek a boo and watching you clap or sing.

She can sit up by herself and this past week has learned to lean forward to get onto her stomach and crawl. She army crawls and can move quickly on her tummy. She is fascinated with cords and outlets… time to baby proof things!



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8 Responses to “Six Months Already?”

  1. kristin says:

    Oh my goodness she is too cute!!

    They grow so fast, I swear Shelby was just starting to roll and now look at her.

    I want more videos!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eileen says:

    I have not checked in for a while and WOW, Amanda has she ever gotten big! She is just so sweet and looks to be a very mellow baby. Does she EVER cry? Lucky family…we get to see so many smiles:)

  3. Cute.. love the month by month.. you can really see how she has grown.

  4. Jessica Beard says:

    They do grow so fast! Before you know it she’ll be walking. She is so cute.

  5. Jaime Nicole says:

    They grow up so fast – I can’t believe that mine are 11 and 6 already! Love those baby pictures!

  6. Donna Marie says:

    Love all of the photos showing her changes. You will love having those later. Beautiful!!!

  7. lauren england says:

    love to see how they all chnage!

  8. Christine Wooldridge says:

    cute matching USC outfits

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