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Sisters….Best Friends

My girls are 3 years apart and they are just the best of friends. They love to be together. If Sam leaves for school before Sarah is up, Sarah asks for Sam and tells me how much she misses her. These girls are very close and I don’t think they could live without each other… sisters are very special…sisters will always be there for each other….sisters will love you unconditionally….sisters aren’t afraid to tell you when your being silly…sisters truly are the best of friends.

sisters are..

clothes borrowers
fit throwers
cover stealers
secret keepers
an enemy, a friend,
a conversation without end,
pretty and sweet
tea parties with treats
dress up, mess up, fess up, get punished,
fights over nothing, sharer of dreams
a headache, a pain, she gets spoiled again,
a princess, a brat, she ruined my hat,
i love her, i miss her, i tease her, i kiss her,
she is my family and that means more to me
what would i do without her?

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  1. Your girls are adorable…
    One thing in life I always wanted was a sister- I am the oldest of 4- the younger are all boys…….. a sister would have been so nice, I see people describe it and wish I had one over and over.

  2. I have 2 girls with a 8 year difference. Even with that difference they still have that special bond that only sisters have!
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  3. i have 4 sisters, and one i am extremly close too, when we lived together we did everything together, now we live 2 hours apart and illnesses make it harder to get together but still , at least 3 times a month we visit each other , i cant imagine life without her, she is my rock and i love her very much, love all my sisters but this one holds a special place in my heart.

  4. Aww how cute is that photo. My daughters are 12 years apart. My 5 yr old worships her older sister. She tries to act like her, wants to look just like her and tries to talk like her. She loves everything about her big sissy. Also she thinks her 18 yr old brother hung the moon. BUT get my 16 yr old daughter and my 18 yr old son together and it is like world war II in my house. LOL!

  5. What an adorable and beautiful photo of your daughters. My daughter’s are almost 4 years apart…the baby is just 4 months old. As she gets older, I hope that my daughters develop into loving friends as well!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  6. You are blessed and they are blessed with their relationship. I had an older sister but she had very little to do with me when we were children and when we were adults.

  7. Growing up I didn’t have a sister..but I did have 2 cousins who were close in age and I don’t even think sisters could be any more close than we were. I even lived with my cousin, Jenn my last 3 years in high school (to go to the school in her district that was excellent academic wise) and then in college all three of us roomed together. I’ve shared my absolute highs and extreme lows with them. Now my cousin Jenn and I have daughters who are the same age and looking at them is like looking back through time (they even both look like us! and have the same personalities!)
    It’s so great that you’re daughters are so close!

  8. That is so sweet. i have a boy and girl who are about 4 years apart. They fight constantly. i think the age difference is just a little too much, as they play very differently. i am hoping they will eventually bond a bit more, but right now they just annoy each other. lol.
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  9. That made me teary!! I don’t have a sister, and I am the mom of a 10 yr old boy, a 10 month old girl, and another boy is due in January. Then we’re done…My Sophie won’t have a sister…Hopefully she’ll love her baby brother! They’ll only be a year apart!

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