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Shop Handmade 2012: Dippee Dypees

I love our cloth diapers. Fluffy bums are the cutest thing ever! I recently had the chance to be a tester for Dippee Dypees (yes we still paid for our diaper but at a discounted price) and I adore it!

You can find Dippee Dypee on Etsy. I love how the soft, squishy cotton velour wicks the moisture away from baby’s bottom. I didn’t realize she was wet until I felt the soaker inside the diaper!


*The product featured above was purchased by me.

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  1. These are so cute! My little sister is pregnant with her 2nd, and used disposable for her first. She has been thinking about going to cloth for this one! I love how you couldnt tell how wet it was! Might be a great option for her!

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