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Shelby’s Birth Story – Our Miracle is Born

 If you haven’t read the first few posts leading up to the actual Birth you can find them at Shelby’s Birth Story – The week leading up to her birth and  Shelby’s Birth Story – The Induction. I also wrote about How do you write about a birth you didn’t want or planned for?

These posts have taken me a few weeks to write. It has been a crazy few weeks and trying to mix through my emotions have been hard. But I am doing much better than I was!

Below is the rest of our Birth Story and welcoming our sweet little angel into the world!

The anesthesiologist arrived and Pat, Megan and Ashley were told to go to the waiting room. I HATED being alone in that room with the Dr’s and nurses. I hated that I was going to be getting a huge needle in my back, but at least I wouldn’t feel the contractions anymore.. I guess.

I finally was able to sit up, and of course the contractions eased up a bit. They still hurt like heck and were only giving me 20 seconds in between so you can only imagine sitting up straight with your head bent down and not moving, while having a contraction was incredibly hard and I had to picture Ashley telling me to breathe. I tried to stay calm and breathe through the contractions. I pictured the beach, I pictured Shelby.

But through the whole thing my nurse lost the baby’s heartbeat. They had to stop the entire process to find the heartbeat and start over! Now for anyone who has had an epidural they hurt. So starting over was not something I wanted to do. My nurse said if we can’t get her heart rate back I couldn’t get the epidural. I remember the anesthesiologist got a call for another girl who wanted an epidural, and I heard him tell Shay “well you called first so we came here first”. A few minutes later he was called again and the girl was 8cm… I felt bad for her but so thankful that I told Ashley when I did because to have to wait for him to do the other girl was not something I wanted to do. I remember telling them to hurry up! Finally after the epi. was placed and taped up my back I was able to lay back down.

An oxygen mask was placed on me and all I could hear was the air flow. Slowly my legs started getting numb and the contractions got less and less painful. My left side numbed up first and at first I was scared that I’d only feel the contractions on my right side and I either wanted a natural childbirth or I wanted to be numb. I am not sure how long it took but I did have to have my left side of my body raised a tad higher than my left.

Finally they were done and Pat, Ashley and Megan were allowed back in. I felt so much better, but then my heartburn started. I wanted to sit up a little but I couldn’t.

Once I was finally settled we all chatted some more and Megan started taking some pictures. Ashley and Pat entertained me. I remember telling my nurse that she can up the pitocin now that I was numb. I remember asking Ashley what my contractions were doing. She said they were spacing further apart now but they were much stronger. She showed my the strip of what my contractions were like before my epidural and what they were like after and it was a HUGE difference.

Somewhere around 2:30 am or so, Megan and Ashley went for a walk and Ashley told Pat and I to rest. Instead I told Pat I thought I had to pee. So got to sit there and wait. Maybe it was the pressure of my water about to break that made me feel like I had to pee. who knows.

Megan and Ashley came back and Megan said that she was going to go home but should be back before 6am. My nurse told her we would be here until morning at least before baby came.

Right around 3am we all decided to try and get some sleep. Ashley was next to me and Pat went to lay on the blow up bed. Yes, Pat brought in a blow up bed since we couldn’t get a second recliner.

I remember that just as I was about to fall asleep Shelby moved and kicked me really hard and as she did it my water broke. It felt like it shot out of me. I took off the oxygen mask and said “uhh I think my water broke”. Ashley jumped up and checked. Yes, it sure had. She said she heard it break. I didn’t hear it because of the mask but I sure did feel it. As soon as it broke I started feeling the contractions again.

My water broke at 3:13am.

Ashley went and got the nurse who rushed in. The concern that everyone had was that Shelby was still high when my water broke and was worried about a cord prolapse. I think at that point I got worried. Shay called on her little phone the OB and said “we have decels!!!” I have never seen a staff run around so fast. The OB checked me and said I was 6cm, and I believe baby was at 0 station.

I was feeling the contractions, they were not super painful because of the epidural but I knew when I was having them. Ashley coached me through each contraction, and all I could think about was breathing in deeply to keep the baby’s heart rate up. On the Doppler I could hear Shelby’s little heart beating away and as each contraction came I heard it get muffled. I don’t know if it went down with each contraction or if the contraction just made it sound like it went down. Then all of a sudden I started feeling pressure in my butt. Ashley said that if I didn’t have the epi blocking the feeling it would be the feeling to push, but don’t push. I said “no I wont”.

This was the craziest part, the feelings I was having was so awesome. I literally could feel the baby’s head moving down with each contraction and then when the contraction ended I felt her move back up a little. I think within a few contractions as I told Ashley what I was feeling she asked them to check me. I think she knew that I was complete and baby was going to be born soon.

The OB came and checked and said “”uh yeah.. time to push”

Ashley was going to try and film the birth but the staff had rules of no videography. I was so bummed! Megan had left so we didn’t have anyone to take pictures either. I was even more bummed. I do remember Pat asking me if I wanted him to take pictures, but for that second I got scared and I wanted him desperately next to me. I wish I would have told him to take pics.

Pat and Ashley were both at my side. I held Pat’s hand and Ashley and the OB coached me on pushing. I remember saying oww, I remember pushing as hard as I could, I felt my face getting red, I remember hearing Pat saying “she’s coming” “oh my gosh mommy, here she comes”.

I remember the OB telling the nurses to “get mom ready” They were unsnapping my gown so Shelby and I could have skin to skin.

I only pushed through three contractions. The third one I pushed with everything I had. I felt her head emerge, they pushed my legs up to get her shoulders out and to unwrap the cord around her neck then all of a sudden all the pain was gone.

I threw off the oxygen mask and set up a little to see the baby. I have no idea what the OB was doing, maybe untangling the cord, but I saw Shelby and her legs were curled up and she made a few cries. She was pink and perfectly clean. I said “can I have my baby?”

They placed her on my chest and one of the nurses started wiping her down, I took over to wipe her off, and love her and kiss her. Shelby was perfectly content in my arms. They kept having me move her, they wanted to hear a cry from her. But I think she was content on me, why cry? She had mommy.

I don’t think I could ever forget the way she smelled, how soft and wet she felt and how warm she was. I couldn’t stop kissing her and saying hi and happy birthday to her.

We had asked for delayed cord clamping. I believe they waited a few minutes and the OB was asking if Dad wanted to cut the cord. I think he was mesmerized by Shelby or something because I pushed him and said “Pat cut her cord”.

We spent the next hour just admiring our little girl. I couldn’t believe she was here, she was mine and perfect in every way.

Thankfully Ashley snapped a few pictures for us. (THANK YOU ASHLEY!!!!)

Shelby Rae was born at 4:11am on March 3rd

nine pounds and 20 1/4 inches long.

recap – my water broke at 3:13am – I was 6 cm, Shelby was born 57 minutes later after pushing through three contractions.

I’ll spare you the details of our postpartum stay, but I was so happy when we were released on Monday. I remember putting Shelby in her car seat and then looking back at the hospital thinking “this is it? I can leave?” And for a brief second I felt scared. I felt like a first time mom again. I turned back around and saw my amazing husband looking at me from the driver seat. He was looking at me like I was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. I got in the truck and we took our precious daughter home.

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  1. I know things do not always go as we plan, but there is a plan, we just don’t know what it is til we are living it! Shelby just had to have a bigger bang of an entrance 🙂

  2. Wow!!! What story, congratulations on you beautyful girl, she sure is a miracle she is so beautiful.

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