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Shelby tried Oatmeal

Well we decided last Saturday (8.11.12) we would give Shelby some organic Earth’s Best Baby Oatmeal. I mixed it with breast milk and she loved it.  I knew that the first thing I wanted to give her would be organic, and the oatmeal would be something easy on her stomach.

2 ozs of breast milk and enough oatmeal to thicken it up she ate the entire bowl!

Here is Shelby ready to try some food!

Her first bite!

mmmm that was yummy!

products used were the explora® Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls and explora® Feeding Spoons from


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7 Responses to “Shelby tried Oatmeal”

  1. Marcie W. says:

    I have photos of all three of my kids trying their first spoon of baby cereal. I did rice first but they all loved it just like Shelby!

  2. How cute is that! Oatmeal and bananas were the first food we gave to our kids.

  3. Awwwww I cant believe how big our babies are getting! I used my tiny love rocker for our first feeding.

  4. anneke says:


  5. Donna Marie says:

    I have not tried the oatmeal yet. I will have to try it on my little guy. Is it thicker than the rice?

  6. lauren england says:

    looks like she enjoyed

  7. Christine Wooldridge says:

    yummy yummy

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