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Send Personalized Gifts from Your Smartphone with Sworl

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Sworl Phone app frame your photos (2)

This holiday season, instead of having to fight through crowded malls to find the perfect gift  we really like the photo framing service app Sworl turns your iPhone photos into professionally framed pictures with just a few swipes.

Everyone has digital pictures that remind them of a fun moment, whether it’s an Instagram of you and your boyfriend on vacation or a candid from your mom’s birthday, but after you upload them to social media they’re often forgotten.

Sworl makes it easy to turn your favorite digital images into a heartfelt holiday gift. Simply use the free mobile app to pick which photo you’d like framed and the Sworl team will take care of the rest. Within a few days a printed, framed and elegantly gift-wrapped version of your photo will arrive on your or your recipient’s doorstep.


Sworl is currently available to all iPhone users and is coming soon to Android phones. The framed photos are available at several pricing options starting as low as $14.99 and are highly customizable, including both wall and desk frames.

Sworl Phone app frame your photos (1) Sworl Phone app frame your photos (3)

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