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School started… and work YAY

Well school started back yesterday, Sam was so excited. She really missed school. I also am working all week. YAY. Sure it is only a few hours a day but dealing with hundreds of kids is tiring. Just three hours with the Kindergartners is hard, then I have to deal with the entire school for two hours (30 minutes each for two grade levels).

Sam also started piano back today and ballet, so were laving here in about 20 minutes again for another hour. Plus tonight when I get home I have to finish sewing the Christmas gifts for Sam’s class. It takes about 30 minutes per gift, and I have only 5 done… I need to do 15 still.. AHHHHHHHHH

So I work all week, I am so excited, I hope I get to work next week too. I could use the money LOL.

I am also going crazy planning for Sam’s birthday party on Saturday. I also found out today that I have to invite more kids because Sam told them they weren’t invited and they started crying…. 🙁 broke my heart.

Oh, I also tested the kids today with reading. Sam had a little trouble on level 4 so were putting her at a 3 which Six kids are at a 3, Two are at a 4 and One is at a 6. The rest is either a Two or a One. It was amazing watching the kids reading and sounding out letters to make words.

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